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The Walking Dead Reveals Who Judith’s Father Is


The Walking Dead Reveals Who Judith’s Father Is

Could it be Dale? It shouldn’t be… right?

Ever since The Walking Dead: Season 3, fans have been speculating who Judith’s father may be. Even though Lori was married to Rick, his wife slept with his best friend Shane on multiple occasions, which obviously led to friction between the two that ultimately ended with Shane’s demise as the end of season 2.

During the fourth episode of The Walking Dead’s seventh season, we finally get some insight as to who’s child Judith actually is. When persuading Michonne to give in to Negan’s relentless leadership, Rick opens up about his past and the things he, too, had to accept. He talks about Shane and how he protected Lori and Carl when he was still in the hospital, and ultimately admits Lori and Shane were together.

“I know Judith isn’t mine,” Rick says. “I love her, she’s my daughter, but she isn’t mine.”

Many may have already forgotten about the whole Judith dispute, and that’s totally understandable considering the constant threat of any main character getting his or her skull crushed to a pulp by Lucille. However, it’s nice that we finally hear the truth from Rick himself, and it’s hard to doubt a father’s instinct.

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