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Uncharted 4’s Survival Mode Challenges Players With 50 Rounds of Pure Mayhem


Uncharted 4’s Survival Mode Challenges Players With 50 Rounds of Pure Mayhem

Enemies for days.

For those looking to squeeze some more life out of Uncharted 4: A Theif’s End it has just been announced that a new co-op mode called Survival will be available to play at PSX. This is a brand new waved-based mode that will task players with not only surviving 50 rounds of enemies but completing various challenges as well. Players will battle across 10 different maps against then Shoreline mercenaries who are equipped with powerful units such as Hunters, Brutes, and Snipers.

After every 10th wave, a boss will emerge, forcing users to take down these magical Pirate Warlords that were inspired by Uncharted 4’s main storyline. These bosses can use a variety of different moves such as a fiery ground pound and exploding flintlock pistol.

However, unlike other horde modes, Uncharted 4’s Survival will feature a variety of objectives that players will need to complete in order to progress. These can include anything from killing specific targets to defending highlighted areas or even collecting treasure scattered across the map. The more enemies you kill and objectives completed will earn players in-game cash to spend on purchasing more powerful gear. Weapons in Survival will range from standard machine guns and pistols to more powerful and mystical weapons that can turn the tide of battle.

Finally, Uncharted 4’s Survival mode will have its own progression system that unlocks new items and gear with each passing level. You will also earn Survival-exclusive boosters, which will be needed since the difficulty of the A.I. increases as your rank does. This is to ensure that you are never too overpowered for any one engagement, making this mode feel far more organic. For those not attending the PlayStation Experience next week, Survival will be available in mid-December. There has been no word from Naughty Dog if this game mode will be free or cost any money to unlock.

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