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Today’s Halo’s 15th Birthday, Let’s Celebrate


Today’s Halo’s 15th Birthday, Let’s Celebrate

Happy birthday, Spartan!

Today’s Nov. 15. If that sounds familiar to you at all, it’s because it’s the 15th birthday of when Microsoft first released the original Xbox. Not only that, but it’s the 15 year anniversary of Halo!!!!

Who doesn’t remember the first time they popped in Combat Evolved and heard that music?

And that Master Chief, tho.

Best of the Spartans, owner of the deadliest pistol in the entire universe.

Hey, remember those annoying Flood dudes? No? That’s because Master Chief.

Sure, Chief saved the galaxy, but the fun isn’t over just yet. As the saying goes…

Enter: Halo 2, aka, the best reason for Xbox Live.

Multiplayer, campaign…still one of the best Xbox games to exist. Period. But that ending….


Finally kicking Covenant butt alongside fellow badass the Arbiter=good shit.

And the multiplayer…man, that multiplayer.

Of course, we can’t forget Reach and ODST. They were *mwah* awesome.

Even when Bungie left Halo, there was still goodness with 343’s pair of games.

Rock on, Halo! Here’s to many more years of awesome.

Can’t wait to see what you do with Halo Wars 2 and beyond.

To celebrate in their own way, 343 and Microsoft are holding an anniversary stream for the iconic shooter series later today, where they’ll have a look back at the series, show off a Museum of the series, and offer a new look at Wars 2. Plus, 343 team members will be playing Halo 5 multiplayer on the Anniversary playlist. Happy hunting!


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