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Titanfall 2 vs. Battlefield 1: Which is Best?


Titanfall 2 vs. Battlefield 1: Which is Best?

Which EA FPS emerges victorious?


Battlefield 1

When it comes down to both Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1’s campaigns, each one offers something completely different. Battlefield 1’s shorter war stories give us a short and sweet glimpse into the lives of a number of different soldiers, while Titanfall 2’s campaign shows us the importance of the bond between pilot and Titan. When it comes to a solid storyline, however, Battlefield 1 grabs it.

Granted, Battlefield 1 is based on the real-world events from World War I, but the way in which DICE has managed to expertly craft these stories, make these characters truly feel real, and wrap them up into bite-size yet wholly fulfilling blocks of missions is an impressive feat. Titanfall 2, on the other hand, is by no means telling a bad story, but it just didn’t feel quite as succinct and well put together as its opponent. The story was clearly left open for a sequel, the ending felt all too rushed, and the pacing flitted between feeling dragged out and going way too fast. On this occasion, Battlefield 1 has the leverage.

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