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10 Things to Do in Watch Dogs 2 as Soon as You Get It


10 Things to Do in Watch Dogs 2 as Soon as You Get It

Plenty to see and do.

Check uPlay Rewards

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Before you go ahead and jump into all of the fun stuff that Watch Dogs 2 has to offer, take some time to quickly load up the Ubisoft Club app from Marcus’ phone to redeem some sweet rewards. While a few of them may not be worth you spending your points on, there are some that’ll give you a handy head start in the game and allow you to start having more fun even sooner in the game.

The Startup Funding and Research Boost are two you’ll definitely want to redeem. The first gives you $15,000 for free to spend however you see fit, while the latter gives you one research point to go and invest in your skill trees. Considering some of the most fun you can have in the game comes when unlocking some of the later perks, claiming an easy research point will allow you to fully utilize your hacking skills a little sooner. Oh, and who doesn’t like free cash?

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