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Final Fantasy XV Release: 10 Things You Should Know First


Final Fantasy XV Release: 10 Things You Should Know First

Prepare for one of the biggest adventures of the year.

Welcome To The Expansive World of Eos

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Final Fantasy XV takes place on the world of Eos, an expansive world with arid deserts, lush forests, and coastal towns. The main setting for the game focuses on the war that’s been raging for many years between the Kingdom of Lucis and the Niflheim Empire. Nifhleim has been expanding their power for years by conquering the nations of the world, and expending the power of all the magic crystals they’ve come to possess.

Lucis now controls the last crystal in the world, and King Regis uses its power to hold up an impenetrable magic barrier around the crown city of Insomnia. Final Fantasy XV starts as Lucis and Niflheim are signing a peace treaty, with one of the agreements being the marriage of Noctis and Lady Lunafreya Nox Fleuret, former princess of Tenebrae.

As Noctis and his friends are starting their journey, they receive word that the peace treaty failed and Nifheim launched a surprise attack on Insomnia. The news reports Noctis, his father King Regis, and Lunafreya dead.

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