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The Xbox One Kinect Can Now Be Used as a Webcam

Xbox One Kinect Sensor, patents

The Xbox One Kinect Can Now Be Used as a Webcam

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This weekend, Microsoft revealed that two new updates are arriving to the Xbox One Kinect. The sensor, that is primarily used to map movement across a range of titles available for the Xbox One, will now allow users to become connected in a totally different way.

The first of two updates Microsoft states will allow users to “enumerate the Kinect sensor’s RGB/IR/depth cameras and then use MediaFramReader to stream frames” through the use of the Windows.Media.Capture.Frames APIs.

This update allows the Kinect to function much better when dealing with UWP Apps. The company was also keen to point out that the “new APIs are designed to work not only with the Kinect sensor but with any other sensors capable of delivering rich data streams—provided you have a matching device driver.”

The second update reveals that the Kinect driver on Windows Update has now been enabled. Once the Kinect’s drivers are updated, this should allow users to use the sensor as a normal webcam. Microsoft stated that apps “such as Skype, can now employ the Kinect sensor as their source. It also means that you can use the Kinect sensor to enable Windows Hello for authentication via facial recognition.”

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This post was originally written by Jared Moore.

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