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The Tomorrow Children Now Has a Mobile Game Spin Off

The Tomorrow Children

The Tomorrow Children Now Has a Mobile Game Spin Off

It’s free-to-play

The Tomorrow Children, a PS4 exclusive released this September, has a mobile spin-off game which has quietly been released for iPhone and Android devices.

The Tomorrow Children: The App can be downloaded now, and features some of the different kinds of puzzles from the main game: the sliding tile puzzles make an appearance, along with a time attack mode – both are perfect for the commute.

The app doesn’t have any tie-in functionality with its older console cousin however: there are no trophies, or rewards that can be sent between devices. There also isn’t any cooperation with other players on the mobile game like there is on console. The game is free to play, just like the console version, and was made by the same developer, Studio Q.

The PS4 game had a unique and surreal art style, and an interesting crafting oriented sandbox that takes place in a militarized world on the edge of collapse. For a closer look at the game see our in-depth look here.

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