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The 5 Best Heroes For Overwatch Competitive Season 3


The 5 Best Heroes For Overwatch Competitive Season 3

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Soldier 76

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With the second season of Overwatch’s Competitive Mode behind us, and Blizzard’s rather massive patch a few weeks back, the meta and balances for a number of characters haven been wildly adjusted. This, of course, is making some heroes far more competitively viable than others. That isn’t to say other heroes aren’t viable for the new season, but these five are probably going to be the strongest additions to any team.

Soldier 76’s recent buff has made him a powerhouse of a DPS character thanks to his bullet damage increasing from 17 to 20. Soldier 76 can now shred through targets far faster than before, allowing him to effectively dismantle key heroes at a distance. Given Pharah also received a buff, expect this character to come in handy for dealing with the skies and removing troublesome healers hanging out in the backline. He’s also quite handy for following up on Zayra’s Graviton Surge via a Helix Rocket or shredding big tanks like Roadhog or Reinhardt.

However, what makes him better than picks like McCree is that Soldier 76’s utility allows him to survive far longer. Not only can he self-heal, but if he does die, the sprint ability allows him to get back to the point faster. He’s a very adaptable character, which makes him extremely powerful in skilled hands — just make sure to burst fire at long distances.

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