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Nintendo’s Super Mario Run Is Powered by Unity


Nintendo’s Super Mario Run Is Powered by Unity

Run Mario, run!

As the launch date for Super Mario Run approaches, its has been revealed that the game is being developed using Unity.

The announcement arrived on Tuesday afternoon through Unity’s official Twitter page. The company tweeted the following.

In the past, the popular engine has been used by developers to create a wide range of title’s including Kerbal Space Program, I Am Bread and SUPERHOT. Developed in 2005, Unity has had success with mobile games in the past, most notably across applications such as Temple Run and the still popular Pokémon GO, released earlier this year.

As Mario’s first attempt at breaking the mobile market, the pressure is on both Unity and Nintendo to deliver a game capable of rivaling the popularity of the aforementioned Pokémon Go. With its side-scrolling gameplay and bright color palette, the game not only looks to have captured the charismatic nature of the Mario franchise but it should also deliver gameplay in a way that is both extremely accessible and user-friendly to players of all ages.

While a release date has not been set for Android devices as of yet, Super Mario Run will be available on iPhone and iPad this December.

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This post was originally written by Jared Moore.

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