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Where to Get Soothe Bell in Pokemon Moon and What It Does


Where to Get Soothe Bell in Pokemon Moon and What It Does

Soothe Bell – Pokemon Moon

Pokemon Moon’s Soothe Bell isn’t difficult to find, but it is a little hard to understand its effects. The item, when held by a Pokemon, will boost all happiness (sometimes called friendship or friendliness) gains of that Pokemon. Happiness is earned as you walk around with your teammate, level it up, and give it massages, berries, and vitamins. All of that sounds great, but what exactly does happiness do?

If your Pokemon knows either the Frustration or Return move, happiness is vital to their effectiveness. A happy Pokemon will have a stronger Return attack, and an unhappy one has a stronger Frustration attack. A high friendship level is also required to evolve certain creatures, like Munchlax.

To find a Soothe Bell, you’ll need to beat the first island’s trial. After this, head onward to Route 3. Pass through the bird-filled mountains, and eventually you’ll come across a bridge just past the meadow. To the right before the bridge is a patch of tall grass and a nearby gentleman. Speak to him to get a Soothe Bell.

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