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Sony Releases Odd Trailer for Black Friday Sale


Sony Releases Odd Trailer for Black Friday Sale

Set to start early on Thursday

Sony has released a very odd trailer for the upcoming Black Friday sale. Discarding the usual reel of games and reductions swishing by, the trailer instead focuses on a number of people sitting and pulling faces in front of a giant fan, before the line “Play it cool this Black Friday.” Take a look:

The trailer also teases at Discounts of up to 60%, before giving people a link to the website. By following the link you are able to sign up to receive notification of when the sale officially begins. At the moment this is only available in Europe, with a US version most likely going live very soon.

Also on the PlayStation Europe twitter page, there is a tip off that the deals are set to start “a little early this year”. This means that deals are going to kick off on Thursday for Thanksgiving. Last year Sony had a flash sale that began on Thanksgiving as well.

Sony has yet to share any official details on the reductions available for specific games.

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