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Sephiroth Is Joining the Cast of Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade

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Sephiroth Is Joining the Cast of Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade

The feared villain joins the battle.

Square Enix has announced the newest character joining Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade in Japan, and it’s none other than the one winged angel Sephiroth. The infamous villain will have an early release in arcades on Nov. 24, followed by a full release on Dec. 8. Of course, keep in mind this is all for Japan, as here in North America we’re still waiting on word for a localization. You can see the announcement trailer below.

Another new trailer for the character shows off his powerful abilities, all set to the iconic tune One Winged Angel. Sephiroth looks like a powerful character, who catches his enemies in a flurry of sword slashes that also have good range. Take a look at the character in action down below.

Sephiroth is one of many characters being added to the arcade game, as we’ve also seen Garland from Final Fantasy , Kefka from Final Fantasy VI, Ramza from Tactics, and Ace from Type-0 all added. Hopefully at some point, we might see Square Enix announce a console port of the title, along with a localization.

Do you hope to see Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade brought to the west? What other heroes and villains would you like to see added? Leave a comment below and let us know.


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