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See What a Panel of Fashion Experts Have to Say About Overwatch Heroes

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See What a Panel of Fashion Experts Have to Say About Overwatch Heroes

This is pretty amazing.

Overwatch features a widely diverse cast of heroes that span from every corner of the world and the clothing that they all don are well represented in that way. But what would a group of fashion experts have to say about the game’s sense of style?

Kotaku put that question to the test today. A panel of six editors from beauty and fashion destinations like POPSUGAR and Who What Wear Australia joined to talk about various Overwatch hero styles. Here are some highlights.



Genevieve: The flares kick out a little too intensely for me — I’m feeling John Corbett in the early-2000s — but things improve as you head north. He kind of looks cool but… the hat was obviously thieved from a council ranger, the cape he nicked from Doctor Strange and the novelty-sized pistol isn’t scary so much as it is entertaining. It’s confusing and I don’t hate it.”




Amanda: This actually is genius. To combine an oriental print, kimono shape, with the warmth of a puffer jacket? Wish I thought of it first. Take away the boots with the fur, and she looks like she could step out onto a runway.”

You can check out the whole article at Kotaku, which includes hot takes on more heroes and from every expert.


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