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Rainbow Six Siege Update Brings Bartlett University Map for Free

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege Update Brings Bartlett University Map for Free

The siege continues

For its upcoming 5.2 patch Rainbow Six Siege will receive a bonus map for free – the Bartlett University map.

This comes soon over the Operation Red Crow DLC, which was part of the 5.0 update. As part of the Situations mode in the single player game, the Bartlett University map was a bonus map that could be unlocked. It became a fan favorite and many requested that it be added to the multiplayer.

It will make for an worthwhile addition to the already stocked Operation Red Crow DLC, which has brought with it two additional characters, Echo and Hibana, along with the Skyscraper map, a flying drone, and a rocket launcher that launches explosive charges capable of decimating even reinforced walls. For a full list of changes check out the Rainbow Six Siege blog.

Ubisoft has been supporting Rainbow Six Siege very well, and through regular editions like the Skull Rain DLC, Operation Red Crow, and along with regular tweaks to performance, Siege has carved out a strong niche in a year dominated by other competitive shooters.

Recently, Ubisoft announced that it would continue to support Siege for a further year.

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