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Pokemon Sun: Where You Get Exp Share


Pokemon Sun: Where You Get Exp Share

Pokemon Sun – Exp Share

Pokemon Sun brings back the staple of being able to share your Pokemon’s experience across your whole team with Exp Share. It’s given to you fairly early on in the game, so don’t worry about having to deal with the grind for each of your Pokemon.

As you progress through the story, you will eventually end up in the Trainer’s School by Professor Kukui’s wishes. Once you find your way there, you will trigger some cutscenes, and you will get a hold of your very own Exp Share. This will allow your entire team to benefit from a victory, not just the one(s) that went out of their poke balls to do battle.

You can leave it on and running, or you can turn this off for more of a challenge. The choice is yours. We recommend that you turn it off if you’re going to stick with the same six in your team. This is because having the experience share on will honestly ease the difficulty and grind necessary as you progress through the game.

Or, you know, you could leave it on and reap its rewards while wrecking all Pokemon ever. Whatever!

For more help with Sun (and Moon) be sure to check our our wiki for the games.

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