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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where to Get Water Pokemon


Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where to Get Water Pokemon

Water Pokemon – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon is out and it’s full of tons of little monsters for you to fight, catch, and train across the range of types introduced throughout the series. Most types are relatively easy to find, as players are able to encounter them just about anywhere in the game. The only type that is a lot more elusive is Water. In an effort for more realism, you won’t just find Gyarados or a Wishiwashi standing in a patch of grass. You’re going to have to actually head to a body of water whether it be a pond, lake, or ocean.

Some bodies of water allow for players to encounter Pokemon simply by swimming about on either Lapras or Sharpedo. Others require that you fish at specific rock formations found underneath the waves. When fishing you have the chance to pull up some Deep Water Pokemon which are easily caught if you use a Dive Ball (which is designed specifically for these types). You can also use a Net Ball as those help catch Water-type Pokemon as well.

There are some Water-types that do actually appear on land such as Poliwag. But if you want all the swimming behemoths, you’re going to have to get your feet wet. Do note that you don’t have access to Lapras right away, but you will obtain one during Lana’s Trial on Brooklett Hill (Akala Island). That’s the first opportunity you have to swim about, so take advantage and head back to the first island to see what you have there as well.

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