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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where to Get the Buginium Z


Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where to Get the Buginium Z

Now your Bug Pokemon can use Z-moves too.

Pokemon Sun and Moon – Buginium Z

The Buginium Z is one of the Z-Crystals you can obtain in Pokemon Sun and Moon. By giving this item to a Bug-type Pokemon to hold, you’ll be able to get it to use powerful Bug-type Z-moves. However, unlike most of the other Z-Crystals in the game, this one is easily missed, and you could go through the entire game without actually finding and using it.

First off, you need to progress through the story enough to unlock the third island. The story will require you to head to Po Town where Team Skull resides. Enter the mansion at the end of Po Town, and make your way through the area until you eventually reach the boss room to fight Guzma. Once you defeat him, Guzma will return the stolen Pokemon, and you can leave. However, before leaving, make sure to check the cardboard box sitting next to Guzma’s fancy chair. Examine it, and you will find the Buginium Z item.

Now, you’ll be able to give it to any of your Bug-type Pokemon, and they’ll get the ability to use to Z-moves, as well.

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