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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where the Daycare Is


Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where the Daycare Is

Daycare – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Traditionally in Pokemon games, players have had to seek out the Pokemon Daycare center if they wanted to quickly level up their ‘mon or get some Eggs for IV training. Sun and Moon, however, have changed this up slightly by changing the name of it to the Nursery.

The Nursery no longer levels up any ‘mon you put in there and is solely used for breeding Pokemon. The Nursery can be found on the second island and is located in Paniola Town. Just as you could at the Daycare in previous games, you can leave two ‘mon there and it’ll cost you 500 Poke Dollars each.

Deposit a male and female of whichever species you want in the Nursery and after a while, you’ll see the woman standing outside the Nursery fold her arms. Head over to her and she’ll let you know your Pokemon have laid an egg. No matter which two Pokemon you put in the Nursery, you’ll always get an Egg that is the same species as the female.

That’s the secret to where the Daycare has gone in Sun and Moon, just keep an eye out for the Nursery on the second island.

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