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Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where to Breed Pokemon


Pokemon Sun and Moon: Where to Breed Pokemon

Where to Breed – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Breeding Pokemon in Sun and Moon is incredibly important if you’re looking to get the creatures with the very best possible stats. To breed your Pokemon in Sun and Moon, you’ll need to make your way to the Nursery. While the Day Care Centers of previous titles leveled up your creatures when deposited here, Sun and Moon’s Nursery is solely for the purpose of breeding.

The Nursery can be found on the second island in Paniola Town. You can leave two Pokemon there, but it’ll cost you 500 Poke Dollars for each one. Once you’ve got to the Nursery, deposit a male and female Pokemon of whatever species. The baby you get will be of the same species as the female, so be sure to remember this to avoid any egg-hatching disappointment.

Now all you need to do is head off and check back at the Nursery every once in a while. If the lady outside has her arms folded, then that means you’ve got an egg ready to pick up. Keep the egg in your party and get walking. Soon enough you’ll have a baby ‘mon all ready to train up.

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