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Pokemon Sun and Moon Seaward Cave: Items and Special Pokemon


Pokemon Sun and Moon Seaward Cave: Items and Special Pokemon

Seaward Cave – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Seaward Cave is a location that you encounter early in your Pokemon journey. It rests on Melemele Island, reachable through a tunnel in Melemele Meadow or a beach entrance on Kala’e Bay. You may think this area holds only Zubats and Digletts, but there’s more to this little cave once you can Surf and fish.

General Items in Seaward Cave

Head back to Seaward Cave to collect some items and Pokemon. While most of the items you can get through a simple walk through, you can get a Max Revive by crossing the water at the top of Seaward Cave. There’s also an Escape Rope, which can be found by the right exit, a Heal Ball that can be found on the path going down, and a Super Potion on the third level of the cave at the bottom.

Expensive Items in Seaward Cave

Of course, there are some other interesting items such a Star Piece, hidden in a rock on the south part of the cave, and Stardust, which is hidden in a rock by the exit. These items are great to pick up just to sell for some extra cash, which can be needed depending on how many clothes you buy early on.

Special Items in Seaward Cave

Two special items in this cave are the Expert Belt and Never-Melt Ice. When held by a Pokemon, the former will raise the power of super-effective moves, and the latter raises the power of ice moves by 20 percent. The belt is easier to spot behind some rocks that are smashable, and the ice will be on a raised platform near the right exit.

Pokemon in Seaward Cave

If you don’t care about the items and just want some strong Pokemon to catch, then you might not find anything of value at first look. On land you’ll find Diglett and Zubat, while surfing you’ll encounter a lot of Zubats and Psyducks, but bear with it and get your fishing pole out.

Fishing in a regular spot will get you a lot of Magikarp, and when yo do, try to keep it in battle for longer than one turn. If you do so, they may use the S.O.S mechanic which allows them to call for help and if you’re lucky, it might get a Gyarados to spawn. While you could fish on land, you will want to find a special fishing spot in order to get a better chance of Barboach popping up. With that special spot, your chance of spawning this Pokemon goes from 1 percent to 50 percent. Again, keep it in battle and make it use the S.O.S mechanic in order to spawn a Whiscash for you to capture. Your chance of capturing a Gyarados is actually higher while just fishing normally, so you’ll mainly want to use the special fishing spots for Barboach.

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