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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Get to Seaward Cave


Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Get to Seaward Cave

Seaward Cave – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Seaward Cave is a side area in Pokemon Sun and Moon where players can find Pokemon like Psyduck and the very rare Barboach. There are also some decent items in here such as Expert Belt, Never-Melt Ice, and a Heal Ball. Getting here isn’t a simple matter of walking to the entrance, though. As its name suggests, Seaward Cave is a cave by the sea, so you’ll need to have Lapras at the very least to reach this area.

Head on over to the Kala’e Bay which is located on Melemele Island after gaining access to Lapras in your Poke Ride system. You’ll then be able to surf right on over to the entrance. Once inside you’ll still have use for Lapras as well as Tauros to make your way around and grab all of the items waiting inside.

There’s a chance to obtain a Gyarados in here as well, so you’ll definitely want to do a bit of fishing and bring some Dive Balls along for the adventure. Once you got what you need, it’s on to the next trial.

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