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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Check Hidden Power Type


Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Check Hidden Power Type

How to Check Hidden Power Type in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Calculating your Pokemon’s Hidden Power value to determine which type it will be is one of the more complicated and confusing aspects of the series. Unfortunately, Sun and Moon doesn’t do much to make this any easier in this generation, but at least you can see what type it is as you could previously.

The Hidden Power NPC can be found in Paniola Ranch in the Nursery. She will first give you the Hidden Power TM so you can teach it to your Pokemon. After that, she will tell you what type the Hidden Power will be for the Pokemon that she checks.

In the world of competitive Pokemon battling, Hidden Power is an underrated move that helps Pokemon patch up some of their poor type matchups by carrying a move that can hit threats for super effective damage. It may not be for much as Hidden Power is a base 60 attack, but it’s better than being completely helpless.

Actually explaining and calculating Hidden Power is a tremendously complicated process that is best explained by the folks over at We hope you like math and individual value (IVs) calculation.

That’s it for how to find the Hidden Power NPC and how to check your Hidden Power’s type. For more Pokemon Sun and Moon guides and tips, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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