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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Get Gyarados


Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Get Gyarados

If you’re looking for a powerful Pokemon that can help defeat the Elite Four or just trying to catch ’em all, then that means Gyarados is probably on your most wanted list.

This Pokemon is actually available to find in 22 different areas of the game, but you can run the risk of never seeing it if you aren’t careful. The reason for this is because Gyarados will only spawn when the S.O.S. mechanic is being used by a Magikarp. This means that you’ll want to keep Magikarp around for more than one turn without running away or causing it to faint.

You’ll want to try finding one in Seaward Cave or Paniola Town, and the reason why you will want to pick these two out of the 22 different areas is because your chances of finding one will be higher. Head over to any of these spots and make sure you have your fishing rod at the ready. While you can try the special fishing spots to find a Gyarados, your chance of finding one is better when you just fish normally. You’ll want to save the special spots for Pokemon like Barboach and Whiscash.

Once you get a Magikarp to spawn, feel free to get its health low without causing it to faint, we recommend using False Swipe, if you have it handy. It will then use the S.O.S. mechanic so just make sure you have one Magikarp with low health still in battle until a Gyarados spawns. When that happens, feel free to cause the Magikarp to faint and focus on the Gyarados. Now you have a Pokemon that cause havoc in any trials or battles that you might have in the future.

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