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Pokemon Sun: How to Find and Catch Solgaleo


Pokemon Sun: How to Find and Catch Solgaleo

The newest Pokemon games are out, which means there are some new legendary Pokemon to catch. If you decided to pick up the Sun version of this generation, then that means you’ll be running into Solgaleo and trying to capture it.

Starting from this point on there will be some spoilers, so if you don’t want to know what happens in the game then do not continue.

As the story progresses, you’ll have to go save Lillie’s mom and Aether Foundation president, Lusamine, who has an obsession with the Ultra Beasts and later turns out to have been brainwashed by Nihilego. She ends up running to Ultra Space, and now you as the player must sumon Solgaleo to open the portal so you can get her.

If you recall earlier in the game you went to Exeggutor Island, where you had to find a flute and since you’re playing the Sun version it would have been the Sun flute. You’ll find yourself eventually clearing out Vast Poni Canyon and heading to the Altar of the Sunne, after a short cutscene with Hapu you’ll walk up the altar. After another cutscene with Lillie, you’ll both use the Sun and Moon flute to summon Solgaleo.

The legendary Pokemon will then open a portal to the Ultra Space where you will go to save Lusamine. Once you have done so, there will be another cutscene and then you can battle Solgaleo. This creature will be level 55 so you will want to make sure you have a decent team with you. It also has the ability Full Metal Body which prevents you from lowering its stats in anyway. It has four different weaknesses that you can take advantage of such as fire, ground, ghost, and dark.

While it would be awesome to use moves like Hold Back or False Swipes, those are normal moves and are not super effective. Any Pokemon that is high 40’s or at level 50 should work here, but you don’t have to stress out too much because you can save beforehand.

It should only take about two super effective moves to get Solgaleo into the red, and this is where you’ll want to start chucking Ultra Balls at it. Once you capture it, then you’ll have officially captured the legendary for your version and can now continue on your journey.

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