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Pokemon Moon: Where KoniKoni City Is and How to Get There


Pokemon Moon: Where KoniKoni City Is and How to Get There

KoniKoni City – Pokemon Moon

KoniKoni City is the final city you’ll get to on Akala Island, and it’s also where you’ll battle the second Kahuna of Pokemon Moon, Olivia. It’s on the south end of the island and you’ll eventually get to the city simply by following the story, but there’s a couple locations you’ll need to pass through on your way.

After completing Mallow’s trial, the story will want you to head back to Heahea City and go to the Dimensional Research Lab. This can be found down in the bottom right hand area of the city, so head there and watch the story scenes. After this you’ll be pointed in the direction of Diglett’s Tunnel. If you start from the Pokemon Center, the tunnel is straight down and just to the right — it’s actually very close to the center.

Head inside Diglett’s Tunnel and follow the path on the left, you’ll run into a few trainers and Team Skull Grunts along the way. Just keep following the path until you make it out of the tunnel, and onto Route 9. Now KoniKoni city is basically in sight, so just walk down and then up through the gates of the city.

KoniKoni has a ton of shops including a TM shop, clothing shop, and a place to buy incense. After you’ve gotten your fill of exploring you can head into Olivia’s shop on the first left-hand row of buildings, and start the series of events leading up to the Grand Trial.

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