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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Unlock Mega Evolution


Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Unlock Mega Evolution

Mega versions are back.

Pokemon Sun and Moon – Mega Evolution

Mega Evolution was first introduced in Pokemon X and Y, but it’s made a return in Sun and Moon as well. This ability allows your Pokemon to transform into a Mega version of itself, boosting its stats and making it more powerful. Before you can unlock this feature, however, you’ll have to beat the game first and become the Alolan League Champion.

Once you’re given control of your character again after the credits, head over to Poni Island and go east. As you pass by Hapu’s house on the way to the Meadow and the Battle Tree, Dexio will stop you. He’ll remind you to go assemble Zygarde after collecting Cells and Cores, and then he’ll battle you with a team of five Pokemon, including a Mega Alakazam. If you can beat him, he’ll hand over the Keystone and a piece of Alakazite. If you have an Alakazam, you can let it hold the Alakazite and you’ll be able to trigger its Mega Evolution in battle. Now that you have the Keystone, you’ll be able to make use of this feature as long as you have the required items for your specific Pokemon.

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