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Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Fish


Pokemon Sun and Moon: How to Fish

How to Fish – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Fishing in Pokemon Sun and Moon is a little different than in previous games. In older Pokemon games, once you obtained a rod, you could just go ahead and fish anywhere you wanted. In Sun and Moon though, there are certain select spots where you can fish and it isn’t always obvious where it is, at least not at first.

First though you need a rod. In Sun and Moon, you just need a regular Fishing Rod, which you get from clearing Lana’s (the Water Captain) trial in Brooklett Hill. Defeat her team of Wishiwashi (including the totem version). After clearing Lana’s trial, she will reward you with a Fishing Rod.

You don’t use the Fishing Rod from the menu like in older games. Instead, in order to fish, you need to look for rocks in the water, as that is where fish like to hide. The rocks can be a little hard to spot sometimes depending on your brightness levels. If you’re struggling to see the rocks, just walk (or surf) along the body of water, and you’ll eventually see a prompt to press A, that’s your fishing spot. Press A to cast your rod, and then A again when the exclamation point appears above your head. Sometimes while fishing, you may get an item such as a Big Pearl, or nothing. You can keep trying in the same spot though and eventually you’ll catch something.

That does it for how to fish! If you’re looking for a strong Water type Pokemon to add to your team, it’s definitely worth breaking out the Fishing Rod, looking for some rocks, and trying to reel in a big one. Good luck out there you angler you! If you’re looking for more Sun and Moon guides, be sure to search Twinfinite!

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