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Pokemon Sun and Moon Have Sold 1.9 Million Units in Japan


Pokemon Sun and Moon Have Sold 1.9 Million Units in Japan

The best Pokemon game yet?

It hasn’t even been a week since the official launch of Pokemon Sun and Moon, but it’s clear that the game is already a massive success. In Japan alone, the game has sold 1,905,107 units in its first three days. Keep in mind that this number is for Japan only, and does not take into account the sales for the rest of the world.

Pokemon Sun and Moon introduced quite a lot of new features in this seventh generation. Players now have access to the Rotom Pokedex, which is essentially a Pokedex with a Pokemon living inside of it. It tells players where to go next, and reminds them of their current objectives. Sun and Moon also sees the removal of Gyms, and replaces those with a Trial system where players have to go through puzzles and other fun gameplay mechanics before facing off against a Totem Pokemon.

Pokemon Sun and Moon is now available on the Nintendo 3DS, and we’ll have our review up for it this week.

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