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Pokemon Sun and Moon: All Pokemon That Can Surf


Pokemon Sun and Moon: All Pokemon That Can Surf

Pokemon That Can Surf – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon does away with the HM system of previous games and replaces them with the Poke Ride mechanic. This allows players to use a set of Pokemon that they can summon once unlocked to take advantage of traversal abilities such as flying, breaking rocks, and surfing. The Pokemon you obtain for Poke Ride aren’t actually yours, so they can’t be added to your party or anything like that, but you can summon them to get around whenever you want with no limit, which is pretty cool.

To surf around the Alola Region – whether it’s to other islands or just looking for secrets in the water – there are only two Pokemon you can call:

Lapras – A fan favorite, Lapras can surf in any water, but it’s just the basic ability.

Sharpedo – Like its name suggests, Sharpedo can surf a lot faster than Lapras, but that’s not all. This beast can jump in water and crash through rocks.

Their abilities are pretty useful, and Sharpedo’s rock-breaking skills show that Pokemon Sun and Moon may have quite a few obstacles waiting for trainers traversing the waters, which may lead to some interesting gameplay.

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