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Pokemon Moon: Where You Get Exp Share


Pokemon Moon: Where You Get Exp Share

Exp Share – Pokemon Moon

The Exp Share is any trainer’s dream. This item sits in your inventory, and if you activate it, everyone in your party will receive experience at the end of a battle. It’s a great way to level up weaker Pokemon, or ones that have difficulty battling (we’re looking at you, Metapod). For those looking to take advantage of the Exp Share’s power, here’s how to get one in Pokemon Moon.

You’ll get this item fairly early on in your Moon adventure. All you have to do is follow along the story. At one point after meeting your starter Pokemon, you’ll be tasked with challenging the Trainer’s School. Lillie will lead you into town and to the building, where the Professor will be waiting. Before you take on the school’s trainers, he’ll gift you an Exp Share. Just like that.

Head into your Bag and to the Key Items section to find the Exp Share. There, you can switch it off an on as desired.

Now that you know where to get an Exp Share, you can continue on your path to challenge the Alola region. For more Pokemon Sun and Moon tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Wiki.

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