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Planet Coaster: How to Take Out and Repay a Loan


Planet Coaster: How to Take Out and Repay a Loan

Look, issues happen in Planet Coaster. Mistakes will be made. You’re bound to spend too much and need some help. That’s where the bank loans on offer come in. Sure, you’re going to be paying interest each month, but you’ll also be saved from doom. Hey, you need to spend money to make money.

To take out a loan, head over to the Park Management screen (bottom left button on your screen). Then, tab over to the Finances section. From here, click the money bag tab on the left-hand side, which will be the loans screen. This shows you your total monthly repayments, number of loans taken out, total borrowed, and your total interest paid. Go ahead and hit the bit Add New Loan button whenever you need a new one. Keep in mind you can only take out three at a time, so choose wisely. And also keep in mind the interest rates you will be paying.

If you’ve hit a surge of earnings and want to repay a loan before it cripples you with its interest, go back to this very same window and simply hit the “Repay Loan” button that will appear next to each loan. Once you can pay it off, you’ll be able to click it and wash your hands off it.

For more Planet Coaster help, be sure to check back with Twinfinite for guides and tips!

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