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Planet Coaster: How to Rotate Buildings and Objects


Planet Coaster: How to Rotate Buildings and Objects

Planet Coaster puts you at the helm of a theme park, where your decisions will shape how successful the park is. You will be placing rides, rollercoasters, buildings, shops, and more, and it’s completely up to you how your theme park will look like in the game.

You might be wondering, though, how to rotate something you’re about to place down. This is a bit of a funky command, but you’re going to want to hold down Z on your keyboard, and use your mouse to rotate the object. You can also just tap Z to move it in one of four directions for easier placements in case you don’t want to sit there and measure your mouse movement meticulously. However, there’s definitely more precision and choice in holding down Z. Note that the green circle surrounding the object will let you know you can place it there, and the arrow points to where its entrance is.

Also keep in mind that every single one of the controls for the game can be changed within the settings menu. Hit the gear at the top right which is the Options menu (or hit ESC), then go to Settings, then Controls, and here simply change what you want to whatever you want.

For more help with Planet Coaster, be sure to check back to Twinfinite for other guides and tips!

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