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Owlboy: How to Get the Spectre Cloak


Owlboy: How to Get the Spectre Cloak

Spectre Cloak – Owlboy

Collecting every coin in Owlboy is no easy feat, requiring players to search every nook and cranny of the game’s numerous areas. Coins are housed in large chests, but the majority of chests are secret, requiring players to complete a certain objective, such as killing all enemies in the area or solving a simple puzzle. Hunting down every single shimmering disk rewards you with a special item that makes engaging in the game’s frantic combat much easier.

The Specter Cloak is an upgrade to Otus’ standard owl Cloak and enhances his dodge roll. Instead of just tumbling through the air to evade enemy attacks, the Spectre Cloak gives Otus extra invincibility frames. On top of that, rolling creates a shockwave that damages enemies and spinning creates a small whirlwind. Continued spinning causes Otus to turn black, making him completely invincible as long as he continues his downward spiral. However, Otus’ sprite does not change with the Spectre Cloak equipped, so it is only possible to tell that it is equipped by rolling or spinning.

It’s incredibly difficult to get early in the game due to the requirement of collecting all coins so it is largely a reward for tracking down the glimmering pieces of treasure. You can check how many coins you have collected in each area by visiting the coins section of the menu, revealing your progress towards the fabled Spectre Cloak.

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