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Overwatch’s Play of the Game Is Changing for the Better


Overwatch’s Play of the Game Is Changing for the Better

Roadrat confirmed.

Everybody loves a good Play of the game. It’s the hallmark of Overwatch that binds us all together. It’s that feeling of lucid joy you get when you sneak out behind the whole enemy team and pull off an amazing High Noon. They’ve spawned countless compilations of metaphysical humor, and are generally thought of as a very good thing.

However, you’d be hard pressed to say that they work all of the time. Sometimes you get really crummy ones of Torbjorn just stood there letting his turrets do the work…  or maybe you pull off an amazing combo but another teammate gets the credit for stealing your kill.

Luckily for us all, it looks like these unfortunate features are being worked out. In an interview with Kotaku‘s Nathan Grayson,  lead designer Geoff Goodman talked about how they’re planning to introduce ‘Play of the Game 2.0’. Goodman goes on to say that they want to “do a lot with the camera work” as well as introducing “co-operative Play of the Games” to address the problem when just one teammate gets all the undeserved credit.

Grayson even posed the idea of intros showing “heroes high-fiving or hugging, with special character-specific animations” which would be amazing to see. Let’s hope Geoff took note,  and we can see Roadhog and Junkrat embracing blissfully  on our screens very soon.




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