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Nioh Is Getting a Digital Deluxe Edition and Pre-Order Bonuses


Nioh Is Getting a Digital Deluxe Edition and Pre-Order Bonuses

It’s nice to have options.

Nioh is the upcoming hack-and-slash action RPG from Koei Tecmo, and it’s going to be getting not only a Digital Deluxe Edition but also pre-order bonuses. Sony and Koei shared the details in a post on the PlayStation Blog today. Take a look at the purchasing options below.

Standard Edition – $59.99

  • The full game

Digital Deluxe – $79.99

  • The full game
  • Weapon pack with five new weapons
  • PS4 Avatar
  • Season Pass

Pre-order either edition to receive:

The Nioh armor to equip in-game, inspired by the ancient statues that stand guard at temples across Japan. As well as a Nioh PS4 Theme.


If you pre-order Nioh or the Digital Deluxe Edition over the PlayStation Store or purchase in the first two weeks after launch, you’ll also get the Crimson Master Armor. This armor is based on legendary samurai Yukimura Sanada.


Nioh’s Game Director Yosuke Hayashi also talked briefly about how the team was taking feedback from fans that played the alpha and beta demos of the game. He says the team is putting a lot of pressure on themselves to meet the high expectations of the game, and create the best experience.

“Nioh is a new IP, so in a lot of ways we wanted to get users’ feedback and understand whether we were going in the right direction. For example, some of the feedback we got from our users was that they didn’t want the battles to involve too many enemies, because it would be too challenging. So we looked at more one-on-one encounters where greater skill was required,” says Hayashi.

Nioh launches on February 9, 2017 exclusively for the PlayStation 4. Apparently the game will take around 70 hours to complete, according to previous comments from the dev team. You can also take a look at the game’s most recent trailer here. 

Is Nioh one of the games you’re looking forward to most next year? Are you thinking about pre-ordering and buying the Digital Deluxe Edition? Leave a comment below and let us know.



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