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NieR: Automata Gameplay Video Shows the FFXV Engine Blade in Action


NieR: Automata Gameplay Video Shows the FFXV Engine Blade in Action

Comes with its own Weapon Story too.

Square Enix previously announced that NieR: Automata was having a collaboration with Final Fantasy XV, and was bringing Noctis’ sword into the game. The one-handed sword is called the Engine Blade, and you can check out footage of the weapon in action down below.

The Engine Blade is a direct import from Final Fantasy XV, and it also features ax exclusive dodge animation. The weapon will also come with its own Weapon Story. For those unfamiliar with the Drakengard series, Weapon Stories are essentially long weapon descriptions that you can read by examining a weapon. These descriptions will tell you more about the weapon’s background and history. As you level up the weapon, you’ll unlock more of its story to read. It should be interesting to see what kind of history the Engine Blade will bring along with it.

NieR: Automata will be coming to PS4 and PC in early 2017. Final Fantasy XV is set to release for the PS4 and Xbox One on November 29.

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