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New Steam Update Brings Personalized Recommendations and More

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New Steam Update Brings Personalized Recommendations and More

Includes New Layout

A new update from Valve has given Steam a better way to suggest games that you might like.

The new update, called the Discovery Update, includes recommendations that are made based on the games that you have played in the past, and based on what your friends are playing.

One of the better aspects of the update is that the recommendations are customizable. If you look at the highlights section of the store, you can see why certain games were recommended to you. This involves simple tags like “horror” and “Action”, and it also allows you to avoid certain kinds of games you aren’t keen on. On the preferences screen, you are able to choose up to three different tags for games you’d rather avoid. Not too keen on puzzle games? Well you can banish them from your sight.

On top of the recommendations that Valve has implemented, there is now a different layout for the store pages. You can see the large tabs at the top divide the store into popular places like Specials, Free Games, New Releases etc. What do you think of the new Update? Still something missing? Let us know in the comments below.

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