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Mysterious New Creature Teased for Pokemon Sun and Moon

Pokemon Sun and Moon

Mysterious New Creature Teased for Pokemon Sun and Moon

Who’s that Pokemon?

As we close in on the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon this Friday, new information continues to trickle out.

A new image has appeared under the Alola Region section on the official site for the games, reading, “Even more mystery awaits in Pokemon Sun and Moon.” The image shows a terrifying new creature, with a shiny black shell and massive, jagged claws. No further information was given so it’s unclear if this is another legendary or one of the new Ultra Beasts. Thankfully, we don’t have long to wait until we know exactly who this new monster is.


Pokemon Sun and Moon will bring players to the new region of Alola. A slew of new creatures prowl the region’s four islands, alongside new versions of classic critters. The original 150 Pokemon have received makeovers, changing their design and types, switching things up after 20 years.

A new trailer also released today, showing off plenty of new information and hinting at the breadth of content that the new titles hold. If you are unsure about the slightly new direction the games are taking, you can also check out the free demo that is still available from the Nintendo eShop.

Pokemon Sun and Moon releases November 18 exclusively for 3DS.



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