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It’s N7 Day, and EA Is Already Teasing New Mass Effect: Andromeda Details

mass effect andromeda

It’s N7 Day, and EA Is Already Teasing New Mass Effect: Andromeda Details

Happy N7 day!

November 7th may just be a normal day for most people around the world, but for Mass Effect fans, the date takes on a whole new meaning.

N7 day is a time for celebrating BioWare’s incredible sci-fi franchise, but this year’s date represents something special.

The next installment in the franchise, Mass Effect: Andromeda, is nearly upon us, with a scheduled release window of March 2017, yet we still haven’t seen all that much of the game in action.

That could change today, as Electronic Arts are already teasing some major Andromeda reveals later today that will help us get a better look at the game.

The publisher has already begun hinting at what’s in store via its Twitter page, but no word yet on exactly what time we can expect to hear all the details.

Either way, be sure to keep an eye out on both EA’s and BioWare’s Twitter accounts to find out more as it arrives throughout the day.

You should also sign up to the Andromeda Initiative, which will apparently award recruits with “critical mission information, special training opportunities” and rewards for completing specific programs, whatever they might be.


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