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Minecraft 1.11: How to Find, Tame, and Equip Llamas


Minecraft 1.11: How to Find, Tame, and Equip Llamas

How to Find and Tame a Llama – Minecraft 1.11

With the new 1.11 update officially hitting Minecraft, llamas are joining its cast of cube animals. They’re great for moving lots of items around, or for farming leather should you decide to massacre a herd. Whichever you’re looking to do, here’s how to find, tame, and use llamas in Minecraft.

Step 1: Where Llamas Spawn

As of update 1.11, Llamas spawn in the extreme hills and savanna biomes of Minecraft. Keep an eye out for a large herd of white, gray, brown, or tan wool.

Step 2: How to Tame Llamas

Like horses, you can tame llamas by right clicking on them until they loves you. Once one is surrounded by hearts, the same click will allow you to mount it, but not control it. Be careful not to attack the llama accidentally, as it can attack by spitting. This spit attack isn’t too strong, but is oddly good at repelling wild wolves.

Step 3: How to Lead Lead a Llama

Attaching a lead to your new animal friend will let you control its movement. Once you start to lead one of the herd, up to ten nearby llamas will follow along as a caravan.

Step 4: How to Equip Llamas

Now that your woolly army is obedient, you can use them as storage. To equip a llama, set a chest or carpet to your hotbar, then right click on the animal. This will bring up its inventory, where you can move the equippable items to their slots. With a chest, a llama can carry items for you, and a carpet will decorate them nicely.

That’s everything you need to know about llamas in Minecraft 1.11!

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