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Mass Effect Gets a Ton of New Clothing and Merch to Celebrate N7 Day

Mass Effect

Mass Effect Gets a Ton of New Clothing and Merch to Celebrate N7 Day

Anyone have 60 dollars that I can borrow?

BioWare has graced fans with a new trailer showcasing Mass Effect: Andromeda to all those who have waited for more details. They have also updated the official BioWare online store, bringing many new products so you can represent your favorite franchise. 

It might be hard to miss some of the newer stuff, but all of them are shown with a pre-sale tag in the display photo. There are several options for women, ranging from new jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, and pants while men get one new t-shirt.

Since the items are considered a pre-sale, that means you would have to wait until Dec. 10 to receive your new gear. That also means you would be spending money before actually getting the items, but BioWare does have a refund policy stating that amount will be refunded if the order is canceled before it ships.

This means you could get yourself or your favorite Mass Effect fan something nice for the holidays while they wait for Andromeda to come out. That game isn’t expected to release until sometime in March, but until then you can always check out the new details such as multiplayer or check out our post summing up everything we learned from N7 day.


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