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Mass Effect Trilogy’s Gorgeous Vinyl Soundtrack Now Open For Pre-Sale


Mass Effect Trilogy’s Gorgeous Vinyl Soundtrack Now Open For Pre-Sale

Music throughout time and space.

The Mass Effect series is perhaps one of the greatest in the modern era of gaming and a good portion of that comes from the stunning musical score across the original three games. Thankfully, BioWare has just announced a special vinyl edition of the Mass Effect Trilogy’s soundtrack that will be available as of November 29. These records will be sent in a collectible box that features custom artwork done by Hydro74 (Joshua M. Smith) from Orlando, Flordia.

Mass Effect

When you purchase the vinyl soundtrack it will come with the following:

  • Custom Storage Box
  • Mass Effect’s Soundtrack (Classic Black 180 Gram Vinyl)
  • Mass Effect 2’s Soundtrack (Colored White 180 Gram Vinyl)
  • Mass Effect 3’s Soundtrack (Colored Red 180 Gram Vinyl)
  • Bonus Tracks (Transparent Orange 180 Gram Vinyl)

If you are looking to purchase this, it has officially gone up for Pre-Sale on the BioWare store and will run you $100. There is no listing for how many will be available, but given they feature custom artwork there’s a high chance they won’t be around for long. Make sure to purchase yours before the November 29 release date so you can ensure that you get one. Despite the price tag, this is a must own for any fan of Mass Effect series’ soundtrack.

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