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5 Lessons Project Scorpio Can Learn from the PS4 Pro


5 Lessons Project Scorpio Can Learn from the PS4 Pro

Learning from the positives and negatives of the Pro.

Price is Important

Project Scorpio

One of the most important things that Sony managed to succeed in when delivering the PS4 Pro was selling it at a reasonable and hard-hitting price point. Pricing it so that it essentially continued the price point of the PS4 when it originally released and offering the Slim as the cheaper alternative allowed Sony to make the Pro look like an affordable 4K gaming system.

Though there have been numerous comments on Project Scorpio being priced as a premium product, there has also been mention of it not being outlandishly priced. Considering it’s rumored to have some sort of VR support as well as offer native 4K gaming, Scorpio has the potential to be a pricey little machine. If Microsoft nails the price point or gets it as close to the system’s original retail price, the Scorpio won’t immediately look outpriced.

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