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Killing Floor 2: How to Unlock Weapon Skins


Killing Floor 2: How to Unlock Weapon Skins

Kill in style.

Unlocking Weapon Skins – Killing Floor 2

There are a lot of disgusting and bloody monsters in Killing Floor 2, but thankfully there is a way to add more color to this macabre FPS. In Killing Floor 2 there’s a variety of weapons, and you can actually obtain skins for them that will give your gun a different paint job. While these weapon skins do not directly impact the weapon’s performance, they are a nice way to personalize your gear. However, obtaining them is a bit tricky since you cannot outright purchase them individually.

Instead, the best way to go about getting new skins is via the Weapon Skin Crates that can either be purchased for real world money on their storefront or by obtaining them via drops at the end of matches. Each brand of crate has its own series, and each series will only contain one weapon skin of a random rarity. These can range from a spectrum of rarity so it’s impossible to predict exactly which one you will nab.

Crates will require keys to unlock and gain your loot so keep that in mind when you are farming. You do not have to purchase crate keys as they can drop at the end of matches, which means you are able to gain skins without spending a single cent.

The fastest way to earn skins outside of paying real money is to either solo play or group play, as you are possibly rewarded one at the end of each match. You can get one even if you lose, but it’s believed that you have a better chance in unlocking a Weapon Skin Crate if you win. However, you can only earn one reward every day and only after a half hour of play so keep that in mind. It’s also possible to just directly unlock weapon skins without crates, but you will not be able to choose which gun they go on. While these weapon skins aren’t required to enjoy the game, it does make it entertaining when you have a classic 1950’s soda ad on the side of your shotgun.

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