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Killing Floor 2: How to Parry


Killing Floor 2: How to Parry

Bashing skulls.

How to Parry – Killing Floor 2

There are a lot of ways to deal death in Killing Floor 2, but one of the most satisfying is by beating enemies into a bloody pulp with a powerful melee item. There are a lot of different CQB weapons that you can use, but unless you master the art of parrying enemy attacks, you’re dead in the water. Almost all of the foes in Killing Floor 2 are melee focused, which means you can parry a lot of their attacks and leave them open to strikes. Knowing when to time your blocks is crucial to survival, as is picking the right class/weapon for the job.

In order to parry you need to have a melee weapon equipped and use your block ability when an enemy attacks. While blocking normally will mitigate some of the damage inflicted, parrying will either stagger or knock over the enemy. Wait until an enemy is about to hit you before blocking, otherwise you will end up just standing there with your weapon in front of your face. Remember, most Zeds don’t attack at once. You may not always have the opportunity to parry a foe, so don’t try to block every strike by basic foes like Clots or Gorefast. Sometimes it’s far easier to just kill them than try to do a flashy counter attack.

Some of the best weapons to use when countering an enemy are the katana, Zweihander, and Pulverizer. Also, if you are going to focus your build around melee, make sure to pick the Berserker Perk, as it will give you a number of melee and parry related passive bonuses. If you nail the timing for blocking enemy strikes, foes like Patriarch can be parried if you have a strong melee weapon like the katana. There is a lot of high risk/high reward mentality with a melee class in Killing Floor 2, but if you master this skill they will know your wrath.

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