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Killing Floor 2: How to Level Up Perks Fast


Killing Floor 2: How to Level Up Perks Fast

Growing pains.

Killing Floor 2 has finally released its bloody rampage upon the world and with it comes 10 different ability trees called “Perks.” These perks can be chosen and swapped at will, offering special buffs and advantages to those who take the time to level them up. These can range anywhere from better headshot damage to your medical syringe being more potent, or welded doors lasting longer under siege. It’s important to upgrade these as it will not only give you a much better chance against the Zed army, but also allow you to try higher difficulty settings.

However, leveling up these classes can take a bit of time if you do not know what to look for. Almost every weapon in Killing Floor 2 has a specific perk that it’s tied to, which means you will gain more XP in game for using it. If you prefer to use the Sharpshooter Perk than weapons such as the Winchester 1894 and the Railgun will net you more experience. It’s vital that you utilize the weapons within your perk tree if you want to level them up faster and gain better passive bonuses when fighting.

It’s also important to remember that certain perks reward more experience for performing certain tasks. So if you are using the Sharpshooter class then you will want to focus on headshots as this will net you more points. If you are running the Field Medic, then make sure to always heal your teammates as this will not only get you money (which is vital) but XP as well. You should always make your primary source of damage be within your perk tree so you are constantly gaining experience.

Now you can, and at times should, pick weapons from other classes but try to use your main weapon for the majority of the rounds. During boss fights or later levels when Flesh Pounders and Scrakes are coming out, carrying a powerful rocket launcher can be vital. Just make sure to not go overboard and just shell out a couple grand for weapons not even within your preferred perk.

That being said, you can in fact level other perks while not having them selected if you are performing certain actions (like welding or healing) or using specific class items like a flamethrower. If you want to make the most of your experience gain, try to carry two weapons, with each one being from a different class. This is a good way to ensure you aren’t always lacking in certain areas and allows you to complement your arsenal to both your play style and what your team needs.

You should also consider playing solo with only four rounds as your limit, as this is a fantastic way to earn experience in the early stages of leveling up a perk. Once you starting climbing higher, consider moving either to more rounds or start including friends to co-op with. Playing smart is vital in Killing Floor 2 so always make sure to level up your perks as soon as possible. After all, who wants to be under leveled with an angry swarm of monsters coming towards you?

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