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Killing Floor 2: How to Kill the Fleshpound


Killing Floor 2: How to Kill the Fleshpound

Beaten into submission.

Fleshpound – Killing Floor 2

One of the returning enemies coming to Killing Floor 2 is the melee-focused Fleshpound, who is one of the most powerful non-boss Zeds. Fighting these guys can be quite difficult if you don’t know how to approach them in combat, even if you have a full team of six together. It’s important to note that Fleshpounds rarely ever come alone, as Fleshpounds are typically accompanied by a variety of different Zeds including Clots, Gorefasts, and Sirens. You can tell these massive brutes apart by their glowing chest and massive metal arms.

If you are playing solo, the best thing to do is try and isolate them away from the rest of the enemies. They won’t get super aggressive until you attack, especially from a distance so use this time to kill all the basic ones in front of you. Next, try to kite the Fleshpound around an object like a car or tree so you can keep him as far away as possible. Fleshpounds only have close range attacks and a charge, so only begin to worry if they get right up in your face.

They have two weak points (their chest and head), so make sure to focus your fire on one of those two areas. If they charge, the Fleshpound will cover its chest with both arms, so when you see it running switch your fire to its head. It’s possible to kill it before it reaches you, which will negate a lot of the damage done.

If you’re in a team of six just focus your fire at once on it so it can be brought down easily. Don’t leave it to one or two people as Fleshpounds can break lines and formations. Even if there are two just go from one to the other instead of splitting up your damage. This will make fighting them far easier if they get too close. Don’t underestimate their power. If they manage to pin you in a corner there’s a high chance that you will die. Always try and fight them on open ground as opposed to in tight corridors.

Finally, feel free to use power weapons like the Rail Gun or RPG on these guys, as Fleshpounds are actually weak to explosive damage. They can be frozen with freeze grenades, but this is not ideal when you have to panic throw one. However, if you keep your cool and maintain a good distance between you and him then this Killing Floor 2 Zed should be no problem.

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