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Killing Floor 2: How to Kill Dr. Hans Volter


Killing Floor 2: How to Kill Dr. Hans Volter

Paging Doctor Volder.

In Killing Floor 2, you are tasked with surviving a set amount of rounds as waves of enemies known as Zed attempt to kill you. This can go anywhere from four to 10 rounds depending on your skill level and choice of difficulty. However, the universal aspect is at the end of all your rounds, where a boss will appear and challenge the players in one final attempt to end their lives. One of these bosses is Dr. Hans Volter – a terrifying foe, and a challenging one if you don’t know how to deal with him.

If you are playing in a group, try to space yourselves out a bit and form a circle around Volter, as one of his primary attacks are dual miniguns that will shred anyone foolish enough to face him head on. By covering all sides, this ensures that he won’t be able to target more than just one opponent with his attacks, giving your team a better chance at survival. Even if you lose someone do not panic, the last thing you want to do is get cornered by Volder or have the other Zeds hunt you down. Never break ranks and always try to stick together regardless of what happens.

Once you deal enough damage to Volder, he will produce a powerful shield and begin to chase a player around the map. If he grabs you, Hans will perform an unblockable move in which he sucks the life out of you and gains some of his own health back. This can be quite annoying if you don’t have a Field Medic on your team or if you’re playing solo. Volder thankfully has several weak points including his head, chest, and back, so you should always have an area that’s open to you.

When Volder drops down into the red he will begin to fire out explosive grenades at players, so when you see him lock position and open fire, move. Not all of Hans’ attacks are powerful, but this one will kill you almost instantly if you are caught out in the open. Try and kite him around either a bus or sign that can slow him down and offer your surrounding teammates more shots at him. Never, never, never fight Volder in confined spaces, you will always want big open terrain to move around in. Hans isn’t exactly speedy unless he is charging, so you should be able to get some distance between you and him when fighting with relative ease.

Finally, when choosing your weapons try to have a balance between a heavy, powerful gun and a standard weapon in Killing Floor 2. Clots will typically come out and attack when you are fighting Volder so you won’t want to waste your precious RPG ammo on them. Always look around for ammo packs once you are out and make sure to communicate with your team so someone with almost full ammo doesn’t take the pack on the ground.

If you play it safe and don’t get backed into a corner, you should be able to kill Volder with little issue. While he is a Killing Floor 2 boss, you shouldn’t have anything to fear if you fight him in the open and utilize his weaknesses. Perhaps you should schedule your next appointment with another doctor, this one seems unstable.

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