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How to Get Heart Scales in Pokemon Sun and Moon


How to Get Heart Scales in Pokemon Sun and Moon

Heart Scales – Pokemon Sun and Moon

Hearts Scales have been essential in recent Pokemon games, though they may seem superfluous. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, as in past games, they can be traded to the move relearner to teach your teammates lost or essential abilities. You’re going to want a sturdy collection of these as you reach the later game, so here’s how to get Heart Scales in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

First off, you can collect them from the Festival Plaza. The Haunted House attraction, once it’s available, will allow you to send Pokemon out to find items. They’ll come back with things like Protein or Festival Tickets, but sometimes Heart Scales as well.

Another equally limited method is through Stoutland Search. This Poke Ride option can sometimes find Heart Scales on the ground, but neither this nor the Festival Plaza will really do the trick.

To ensure you have enough Heart Scales to last, you’ll want to grab a fishing rod and hit the seas. When fishing, you’ll sometimes pull up items like Heart Scales, and if you head to the Melemele Sea or Route 9, you can fish up Luvdisc holding them. Catch these Pokemon or use the Thief move to steal their held item.

That’s all there is to know about getting Heart Scales in Pokemon Sun and Moon. For more tips, tricks, and guides, check out our ever-expanding wiki.

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